About the Presenter

Nanja van Geel, MD, PhD


Ghent University Hospital

Gent, Belgium


Nanja van Geel, is a dermatologist, specialized in pigmentary disorders, working at Ghent University
Hospital and an associate Professor at the Ghent University in Belgium. She directs the pigmentary
disorders related activities at the department of Dermatology. This incorporates a specialized
diagnostic and therapeutic approach of patients with vitiligo as well as research related activities with
a particular interest in outcome measures. She developed and validated a number of vitiligo-specific
measurement instruments together with her colleagues (www.vitiligo-calculator.com).

For her PhD she performed the first double blind randomized controlled trial to evaluate non cultured
epidermal cellular grafting for vitiligo. Based on the clinical and scientific activities, the department is
recognized as an (inter)national referral center for pigmentary disorders.

She has authored numerous international publications and book chapters, received several scientific
awards and now participates on various international committees related to vitiligo. She directs the
research group at Ghent University and is supervising master’s theses and PhD candidates. She is in
charge of several international collaborative vitiligo projects [e.g. president of Vitiligo Task Force
(EADV), Project Lead of Vitiligo International Task Force for an agreed List of core data (VITAL) and
fulfils a group co-steering position in Vitiligo Outcome Instruments and Consensus for Evidence

She is frequently invited as a speaker/chairman at congresses across the world. She organizes
numerous meetings and workshops in relation to outcome measures in vitiligo and collaborates with
many international colleagues and research institutions. An ultimate future research goal is to achieve
a worldwide consensus on a vitiligo core dataset for clinical trials, registries and in daily practice.

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How to use the Vitiligo Extent Score (VES), VESplus and Self Assessment Vitiligo Extent Score (SA-VES)

Subject Category

Outcomes Measures

Take Home Message

Clinical trials and routine practice both require the use of accurate clinician-reported outcome measures (ClinROMs) and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for the assessment and follow-up of various vitiligo-related aspects.

A number of tools have now been developed and validated for the evaluation of vitiligo. We developed and validated several instruments to simplify the assessment of vitiligo extent.  Throughout this presentation the Vitiligo Extent Score (VES), VESplus and Self Assessment Vitiligo Extent Score (SA-VES) will be introduced, and their use will be presented.

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Ghent Vitiligo Team


Consultant/investigator: Pfizer, Incyte, AbbVie, Sun Pharma, MSD/MerckIncyte Bioscience grant.

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