TimeAbstract #TopicSpeaker
6:00 – 7:00 AMPoster Set UpN/A
7:00 – 8:00 AMBreakfast, Networking, and Poster ViewingN/A
8:00 AM – 8:20 AMWelcome address from the symposia chairsDavinder Parsad, MD, and Samia Esmat, MD

Basic Science – Moderator: Thierry Passeron, MD, PhD

Chairperson: Dr. Yogesh Marfatia, and Dr. Emy Thomas

TimeAbstract #TopicPresenter
8:20 AM – 8:50 AMInvited Speaker: Possible Source of the Intracellular Oxidative Stress in Vitiligo
Mauro Picardo, MD

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8:50 AM – 9:00 AM165Elevated IFN-γ in Vitiligo Patient Skin Blisters: Potential Utility of Targeting IFN-γ for TherapyChau Yee Ng, MD, PhD
9:00 AM – 9:10 AM184Compromised Melanocyte Survival Due to Decreased Suppression of CD4+ & CD8+ Resident Memory T Cells by Impaired TRM-Regulatory T Cells in Generalized VitiligoFirdosh Shah, MSc
9:10 AM – 9:20 AM169Differential Expression of Serum CXCL9 and CXCL10 in Vitiligo Patients and Their Correlation With Disease Severity and StabilityShayna Aulakh, MBBS, MD
9:20 AM – 9:30 AM174Early Localized Vitiligo is not “EARLY”: A Tissue Resident Memory T Cell StudyHisham Hamdy, MBBS, MSc
9:30 AM – 9:40 AM216Assessing Expression of Immune Checkpoints Including Membrane-Bound and Soluble Programmed Death-1 Receptor and Ligands in Vitiligo and Correlating These With Serum Levels of Interleukin 2, 7, 15 and Vitiligo Disease SeverityAnuradha Bishnoi, MD
9:40 AM – 9:50 AM182Oxidative Stress in Segmental Versus Non-Segmental VitiligoNader Ragab, MD
9:50 AM – 10:05 AMPanel Q&A
10:05 AM – 10:30 AMCoffee/Tea Break

Epidemiology – Moderator: Iltefat Hamzavi, MD

Chairpersons: Dr. Dimple Chopra and Dr. Noufal Raboobee

HoursAbstract #TopicSpeaker
10:30 AM – 11:00 AMInvited Speaker: Burden and Quality of Life in VitiligoKhaled Ezzedine, MD, PhD

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11:00 AM – 11:10 AM
162To What Extent Do Patient Demographics, Clinical Characteristics and Psychological Factors Explain Quality of Life in Vitiligo?Rachel Carafello, MS
11:10 AM – 11:20 AM 196Predictive Factors of Thyroid Diseases in Vitiligo in MoroccoLaila Benzekri, MD
11:20 AM – 11:30 AMN/AUpdate on the Global Vitiligo AtlasDrs. Ezzedine and Mysrore
11:30 AM – 11:40 AM190Resident Memory T Cells in Non-segmental VitiligoRana Hilal, MD
11:40 AM – 11:50 AM178New Classification and Treatment Outcome of Hand Vitiligo: A Cluster Analysis of 230 PatientsHyun Jeong Ju, MD, PhD
11:50 AM – 12:00 PM181Role of CXCR3 and Its Primary Ligands in Segmental and Non-segmental Vitiligo PathogenesisVinod Kumar, PhD
12:00 PM – 12:10 PM187Segmental Vitiligo Pattern and Cutaneous Arterial Vessel Mapping: An Anatomoclinical and Physiopathological ApproachYvon Gauthier, MD
12:10 PM – 12:25 PMPanel Q&A

Vitiligo Talks: Understanding the Burden of Disease & Pathophysiology

Pfizer Satellite Program – Lunch and Learn

12:25 PM – 12:40 PMAttendees grab lunch and return to the ballroom
12:40 PM – 12:45 PMWelcome and IntroductionsIltefat Hamzavi, MD ​
12:45 PM – 1:05 PMOutlining Vitiligo: Overview, Epidemiology & Burden of Disease​

Interview and audience Q&A​

Iltefat Hamzavi, MD ​
1:05 PM – 1:25 PMControversies & Challenges in the Pathophysiology of Vitiligo​

Interview and audience Q&A​

Davinder Parsad, MD, FRCP​
1:25 PM – 1:45 PMTargeting Innate & Adaptive Immunity as a Therapeutic Approach​

Interview and audience Q&A​

Samia Esmat, MD​
1:45 PM – 2:10 PMRemaining Unmet Needs & Future Directions in Vitiligo​

Panel discussion and audience Q&A​


Medical Treatment – Moderator: Samia Esmat, MD

Chairpersons: Dr. Ahmed Alisa, Dr. S Sacchidanand, and Dr. Yashpal Manchanda

HoursAbstract #TopicSpeaker
2:10 PM – 2:40 PMInvited Speaker: Update on Jak Inhibitors For VitiligoAmit G. Pandya, MD

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2:40 PM – 2:50 PM211Combinatorial Therapies With Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Related Agonist Peptides to Treat VitiligoAbburi Ramaiah, PhD
2:50 PM – 3:00 PM193Effect of Ruxolitinib Cream on Achievement of VASI50 by Body Region: Week 52 Pooled Analysis of the TRuE-V Phase 3 StudiesThierry Passeron, MD, PhD
3:00 PM – 3:10 PM142Effect of Narrow Band Ultraviolet B on the Tissue Level of Interleukin 15 and Interleukin 15 Receptor Alpha Subunit in Active Non Segmental Vitiligo Cases: An Interventional Cohort StudyRania Mogawer, MBBch, MSc, MD
3:10 PM – 3:20 PM175NB-UVB Phototherapy Response of Different Body Regions in Non-segmental VitiligoVidhya Narayan, MD
3:20 PM – 3:30 PM140Azathioprine Monotherapy vs Azathioprine-NB-UVB vs OMP-NB-UVB in Controlling Active Vitiligo, A Randomized, Controlled StudyMarwa Abdallah, MD
3:30 PM – 3:40 PM194Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Use in Vitiligo PatientsMarissa Ceresnie, DO
3:40 PM – 3:50 PM176Combination of Acitretin and Narrowband UV-B for the Treatment of Vitiligo: A New Treatment Modality With an Impact on Tissue E-cadherin ExpressionSamia Esmat, MD
3:50 PM – 4:20 PMInvited Speaker: Mimickers of Vitiligo

Trilokraj Tejasvi, MD

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4:20 PM – 4:35 PMPanel Q&A
4:35 PM – 5:00 PMCoffee/Tea Break

Surgical Management – Moderator: Laila Benzekri, MD

Chairpersons: Dr. T Salim, Dr Fakhriya Khamis Alshibli, and Dr. Sumir Kumar

HoursAbstract #TopicSpeaker
5:00 PM – 5:30 PMInvited Speaker: Updates on Surgical Management of VitiligoMarwa Abdullah, MD

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5:30 PM – 5:40 PM186Comparison of Laboratory Indicators and Clinical Efficacy of Non-cultured Epidermal Cell Suspension and Hair Follicle Cell Suspension in Surgical Management of Stable Vitiligo: A Randomized TrialSomesh Gupta, MD
5:40 PM – 5:50 PM205Long-Term Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction With Vitiligo SurgeriesNikhil Mehta, MD
5:50 PM – 6:00 PM206
Use of Micro Short Pulse Erbium Yag Laser for Management of Vitiligo and LeukotrekiaHasan El-Fakahany, MD
6:00 PM – 6:10 PM213Motorized 0.5/0.8-Mm Micropunch Grafting to Treat Refractory Vitiligo: A Retrospective Study of 1,066 CasesJung Min Bae, MD, PhD
6:10 PM – 6:20 PM197Combination of Needling and 308 Excimer Light for Treatment of VitiligoNoufal Raboobee, MD
6:20 PM – 6:30 PM141Value of Adding Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) To Non-cultured Epidermal Cell Suspension (NCES) In Surgical Treatment of Stable Resistant Vitiligo: A Self-Controlled Randomized Double-Blinded StudyRania Mogawer, MBBch, MSc, MD
6:30 PM – 6:45 PMPanel Q&A
6:45 PM – 7:00 PMWrap up and summary of the day/ Highlights for tomorrowDr. Davinder Parsad and Dr. Samia Esmat
7:00 PM – 8:00 PMCoctail Hour and
8:00 PM – 9:30 PMDinner